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As an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company, We produce different types of disinfection nozzles with factory price. High-quality spray nozzle for sales and customized OEM.
Nozzle types:Single Fluid Nozzle,Two-Fluid Nozzle,Misting Nozzle,Air atomizing Nozzle,Fog Nozzle,Adjustable Nozzle,Others.
Nozzles materials:Stainless steel,Brass,Plastic,Others.
Spray types:Full Cone,Hollow Cone,Fan-shaped,Can be customized.
Application: Our disinfecting nozzles are suitable for disinfection and sterilization systems,hand disinfection,work equipment disinfection,sole and boot cleaning,room disinfection,disinfection of work sluices,backpack disinfection sprayer, hand-held sanitizer sprayer, electrostatic sprayer etc.
Nozzles type
Atomizing Mist Spray Nozzle Tips With High Pressure For ULV Electrostatic Disinfection Fogger Sprayer
Design features:
1. Good spray performance.
2. High droplet uniformity.
3.The spray distance is long.
4. The spray quality is good, no clogging, no dripping.
5.The size of the fog particles is fine.
6.Suitable for many styles of electrostatic sprayers....
Micro Fine Misting Fog Spray Nozzles
Design feature:
1. Excellent spray effect: fine mist outlet, higher mist volume, larger area, fine and even mist droplets.
2. Made of metal and well-made hardened stainless steel materials with anti corrosion.
3. Good quality and easy to swap out.
4. No leaking or dripping.
5. Multiple orifice sizes....
Atomizing Misting Fog Spray Nozzle Tips for Sprayer
1. Very fine spray
2. High spray flow
3. Large spray area
4. Different spray Angle can be adjusted
5. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
6. Long service life, not easy to plug and drip...
Flat Fan Pressure Spray Nozzles with Small Capacity for Disinfection

Design Features:

1. Spray pattern:Flat Fan
2. Liquid pressure: 3~7 bar
3. Flow rate: 0.13 ~0.7 L/min
4. Spray angle: 65 °(can be customized)
5. Droplet size: 40 ~80 microns
6. Material:303SS,Brass.PP
7. Connect: quick connection or thread connection
Misting Spray Nozzles Tip Multi Micro Fine Dry Fog Nozzles
Design Features:
1. Material:Stainless steel 304SS
2. Connection size:1/8BSPT
3. Spray angle and droplet size:80 degrees 80 um hollow cone spray
4. Spray flow:120 ML/Min

Product Feature:
1. Low capacity spray producing small drops in a hollow cone patterns.
2. The finest atomization at low pressure among hydraulic nozzles.
3. Precision milled stainless steels construction ...
Misting Nozzle with Full or Hollow Cone for 3 in 1 Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer
Design Features:
1. Item: misting nozzles
2. Spray Pattern: Full Cone, Hollow Cone...
3. Spray Angle: 60°80°
4. Droplet size(SMD, μm):65,80,160
5. Flow rate(ml/min):120ml/min@6bar, 450ml/min@5bar, 850ml/min@4bar
6. Capacity: 65,85,180 microns
7. Material: stainless steel and brass
8. Application:disinfectants cleaning solutions deodorizers,Backpack sprayers,others...
Liquid Siphon Air Atomizer for Large Flow Rate Disinfecting
Design Features:
1. Item types:siphone air atomizing nozzle
2. Air pressure :0.1-0.3Mpa 
3. Spray Angle: common degree:15°
4. Nozzle material: stainless steel (SS304, SS303, SS316, SS316L), BRA (Brass)...
Two Fluid Air Atomizing Nozzle for Indoor and Room Disinfection
Design Features:
1. Item:Atomizing Spray Nozzle
2.Air pressure : 0.2–0.4 MPa
3.Air consumption : 27–92 L/min
4.Spray angle :  60°
5.Droplet size: 20 ~50 microns
6.Liquid pressure:0.1-0.3 Mpa
7.Liquid flow rate:1.4–5.5 L/Min
8.Material:303SS, 316SS,316L
9.Connection:thread connection, air inlet: 1/4", liquid inlet: 1/8"...
Misting Spray Nozzles for 4 in 1 Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer
Design Features:
1. Very compact structure design to match the 4 in 1 nozzle
2. Different misting nozzles with different spray performance to match different usage scenarios
3. An emptying nozzle available for expel the air in the pipe and pump.
4. Stainless steel material for better corrosion resistance and long life
5. O-ring on the nozzle for seal and quick replacement...
Pneumatic Air Atomizing Nozzles For Disinfection and Sterilization
Design Features:
1.  Working mode:siphon/gravity; pressure
2. Spraying pattern:round spray
3. Spray angle:adjustable(can be customized)
4. Flow rate:adjustable(can be customized)
5. Inlet size : 1/4BSPP female
6. Droplet Size:20-50 um
7. Connect Size:customized
8. Material:stainless steel SS303, SS304,SS316
Dry Fog Misting Air Atomizing Nozzles
Spray angles: 30°~ 120°, affected by water/air pressure
Flow rate: 0.94L/H ~45L/H
Solid cone spray pattern with extremely fine article size at low air pressures
Droplet size:the droplet size is medium to large, and the pressure and flow can be applied widely.
Material:BRASS, SS, plastics (PP/PVC/PTFE) etc.
Connection:air 1/4 inch male BSPT/NPT; liquid 1/8 inch female BSPT/NPT .
Dry Fog Air Atomizing Nozzle
Design Features:
1. Compressed air for atomization through our siphon air atomizating nozzle.
2. The system does not need water pump pressure.
3. It would not wet clothing because of the very tiny droplet.
4. It is a kind of dry fog using quick collections plug connecting pipes and nozzles which could be installed conveniently.

Spray capacity( one nozzle): 2.4L/h
Atomizing fogger nozzle with multi head for disinfection backpack sprayer
Spray performance:
1. The finest atomization of all direct pressure nozzles
2. Provided atomizing droplet size is less than 50 micron
3. Conical atomization

Portable Dry Fog Nozzle for Room Disinfection and Sanitation
Design Features:
1. Agent:Water, disinfectant, deodorant, etc.
2. Atomization method:By air atomizing nozzles
3. Working pressures:3bar compressed air
4. Flow rate:10L/H (4 Nozzle tips )
5. Droplet size:About 10 microns
6. Applications:Disinfection, sterilizer, odor control, humidifying, etc....
Adjustable Misting Nozzles For Hand Held Sprayer
Design Features:
1. Spray angle (°):15°,30°,60°
2. Flow rate:100 ml/min180 ml/min
3. Droplet size:Fine about 80 microns Coarse
4. Material:Anodized aluminum housing and stainless-steel

Typical Application in Disinfection and Sterilization:
Hand-held sprayers for disinfection and sterilization
Adjustable Misting Nozzles Specially ...
Pumps for Disinfection Sprayer
3-7Bar Micro Pump
Products Features:
• Low power low noise high pressure corrosion resistance
• Suitable for reverse pressure products
• Only no back pressure down imbibition...
R27-06 Can Pump
Product Feature:
• Low power low noise high pressure corrosion resistance
• Using high temperature resistant material R27-06 can pump 100 degrees of fluid
• only no back pressure down imbibition
• Widely used in water dispensers steam...
R36-02 Micro Pump
Product Feature:
1. Low power low voltage start-up
2. Food grade material high pulse frequency smooth flow
3. Only no back pressure down imbibition...
R40-02 Micro Pump
Water Diapenser,Water purifier Sterilizer,Dehumidifier,Filter,Cleaning equipments,Purification equipment,Sprayer

Voltage: 12-24V
Power: <10W
Flow Rate (0bar): 1500-2400ml/min
Max. Pressure: 2-3.5Bar
JGR-A Micro Pump
Product Features:
1. High pressure, 95 degree water resistance.
2. Compact structure, small size and light weight.
3. Good sealing, no liquid leakage.

Portable coffee machine,Capsule coffee machine,Table coffee ...
Micro Vaccum Pump
Micro-pump (Mini / Micro Vaccum Pump) also known as dual-in-water air pump (Micro Air / Water Pump) or micro-diaphragm pump (Micro Diaphragm Pump) Medium aspect may be a gas liquid gas-liquid mixture etc. 
Product Features:
1. Small size low noise low power ...