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Misting Spray Nozzles Tip Multi Micro Fine Dry Fog Nozzles
Design Features:
1. Material:Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickel Plated Brass, strong and corrosion resistant.
2. Spray pattern:Misting fine hollow cone pattern
3. Drop Size:40micron---90 micron 
4. Connect size:1/8BSPT, 3/16unc,10/24unc,12/24unc, 10/32unf, 6mm, 8mm 
5. Spray angle:80 degree
6. Orifice Diameter:0.41 to 1.5mm
7. Spray flow:120 ML/Min
8. Pressure:can be customized
9. Support custom Misting nozzles with different parameters
10. Applications:Outdoor Cooling, Disinfection And Sterilization,Humidification, Dust Control, High Evaporation, Sprayer Applications

Notes: We are a professional manufacturer of spray nozzles. We produce and sell different types of nozzles for the industry, and we also provide customized types of spray nozzles. Factory price, High quality, Fast delivery.

Micron Spray Nozzles are manufactured from 304SS stainless steel and are designed with a single-fluid hollow Cone Spray Pattern and fine misting spraying. Which used on a variety of sprayers, such as electrostatic sprayers, disinfection sprayers, and industrial equipment sprayers.
This Micron Spray Nozzles can produce the 40 microns to 90 microns droplet size under low pressure .Easy for maintenance,The spray of the nozzle is extremely fine, the spraying distance is long, and the coverage area is wide, but the spray does not get wet and does not condense on the objects.
The Feature of Microns Single Fluid Spray Nozzles :
Micron Spray Nozzles1. Low capacity spray producing small drops in a hollow cone pattern
2. The finest atomization at low pressure among hydraulic nozzles.
3. Precision milled stainless steel construction for ultimate durability and precision
4. Ideal for use with water soluble disinfectants cleaning solutions deodorizers
5. About 40 microns to 90 microns drop size @3 bar~10 bar pressure
6. Easy mounting/dismounting

Mini size and good spray performance
1/8NPT nozzle Quick collect nozzle M8 nozzle
Micron Spray Nozzles Micron Spray Nozzles Micron Spray Nozzles

Parameter of Microns Single Fluid Spray Nozzles

Capacity code Orifice Dia. (mm) Flow rates (L/min) Droplet Size (μm) @ 7bar Spray distance (cm)
2bar 3bar 4bar 7bar 15bar
MT-MAZ-0.6 0.41 - - - 3.6 5.3 40 80
MT-MAZ-1.0 0.51 - 3.9 4.6 6 8.8 70 100
MT-MAZ-1.5 0.51 4.8 5.9 6.8 9 13.2 80 100
MT-MAZ-2.0 0.71 6.4 7.9 9.1 12.1 17.7 85 150
MT-MAZ-3.0 0.71 9.7 11.8 3.7 18.1 26 90 200
MT-MAZ-4.0 1.1 12.9 15.8 18.2 24 35 100 220
MT-MAZ-6.0 1.1 19.3 24 27 36 53 110 280
MT-MAZ-8.0 1.5 26 32 36 48 71 140 280


Micron Spray Nozzles use for disinfection sprayer, electrostatic backpack sprayer to disinfecting the polluted places easily.such as lobby, theater,hobby , home ,schools , healthcare ,etc.
disinfection nozzle

Other misting micron spray nozzles

misting nozzleAs a professional nozzle manufacturer, we produce and sell multi-size misting nozzles and different types of nozzles.Our atomizing nozzles can be used not only in the disinfection and sterilization industry, but also in other industries. At the same time, we will also provide customized services to our customers to manufacture nozzles according to the actual needs of our customers.We have a large number of popular products in stock.
Product name:Fog/Mist nozzle
Spray pattern :Fine misting, fogging,Hollow cone spray
Spray angle:60 degrees
Spray capacity:2.88 L/H - 13.5 L/H @ 70bar
Drop Size:15 micron---70 micron
Connect size:3/16unc,10/24unc,12/24unc, 10/32unf, 6mm, 8mm
Material:303/304/316SS/Brass plastic
Suitable pressure:Up to 100 bars
Orifice dia:0.15mm ,0.2m,0.3mm ,0.4mm ,0.5mm and larger
Application:Water aeration,fire extinguishing,spray cooling,metal treatment,gas cleaning and cooling,dust control
Design Features:
1. Two pieces structure of nozzle tip, SS disc or ceramic disc orifice inserted
2. Multi-choice for connect type, operating pressure and capacity
3. Anti-drip

Q1: Are you a manufacturer ?
A: Yes. We are an IS09001:2015 Certified factory with 10 yrs in nozzle manufacturing and design.
( 1 hour’s flight from Hongkong, 30 minute’s bus ride from Shenzhen / Guangzhou Airport )
Q2: How long is your delivery time, Packing & Shipping?
A: Delivery time:
(1).3 workdays for nozzles in stock.
(2).7-10 workdays for existing model but out of stock.
(3).15-25 workdays for casting models.
(4). Production Capacity: 10000pcs per day.
Packing & Shipping:
Packed in firm plastic box then inner box, master carton. Pallets or OEM packing available.
Shipped by FEDEX,DHL,TNT,UPS , Sea and Air transportation. 3-5 days delivered to the worldwide.
Q3: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, Free samples are available with bill shipping charges to receiver.

Q4: What is your payment terms?
A: T/T 100% in advance, or 30% deposit plus 70% balance before shipment.
Q5:Do you support customized nozzles?
A:Yes. We do.
We support customization and produce nozzles according to customers’ requirements.
Q6: Will my drawings be divulged to the third party if you put it into production?
A:No, It won’t .
we pay great attention to protecting our customers’ privacy of drawings. Signing NDA is also accepted if required.
Our advantage:
High quality products at competitive price
Fast delivery and customer-oriented service
Excellent ability to design or custom-tailor
Vast experience to guide the applications
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