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Portable Dry Fog Nozzle for Room Disinfection and Sanitation
Design Features:
1. Agent:Water, disinfectant, deodorant, etc.
2. Atomization method:By air atomizing nozzles
3. Working pressures:3bar compressed air
4. Flow rate:10L/H (4 Nozzle tips )
5. Droplet size:About 10 microns
6. Applications:Disinfection, sterilizer, odor control, humidifying, etc.

Notes: We are a professional manufacturer of spray nozzles. We produce and sell different types of nozzles for the industry, and we also provide customized types of spray nozzles. Factory price, High quality, Fast delivery.

Portable dry fog nozzle for disinfection and sanitation is in PP (polypropylene) with the 4 nozzles made of S303 (Stainless Steel 303), PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) and FKM  (FKM fluororubber).
The nozzle uses the principle of compressed air to atomize disinfectant,which does not require additional water pump pressure.
No wetting clothing for atomized particles are very fine.
Dry fog fully dispersed and filled with confined space to complete disinfection.

Advantages of Dry Mist Sterilization Atomizer

1.Controlled and consistently accurate droplet size
2. Reduce the risk of condensation
3.Ensure penetration into areas normally inaccessible
4. Effectively disperse disinfection steam in all areas of the room
5. No need to wipe twice after spraying (no residual)

Features of Dry Mist Sterilization Atomizer

1. Four nozzles mounted on the sprayer
2. The disinfectant is sprayed in a dry mist with good dispersion, reaching all corners of the entire space.
3. The extremely small droplets produced by the dry mist atomizer ensure the rapid and safe delivery of the sterile agent, which makes the processing time very short and can quickly kill the virus.

Application of Dry Mist Sterilization Atomizer

Ideal for disinfection and sanitation in large area,especially the isolated or semi-isolated living environment
For example ,
    Hospitals (operating rooms, patient rooms, and waiting rooms)
    Disinfection and deodorization in food processing facilities
    Kitchens and sinks
    Transportations (railways, buses, ships)


Spray capacity( one nozzle): 2.4L/h
Maximum operating air pressure:0.3MPA.
Droplet size : less than 10um

The Principle of Dry Fog Atomizer Technology

The dry fog atomizer have two stages of atomization. First, it utilizes the compressed air to mix with liquid and then form air-water streams with high velocity. The water is atomized into 30 microns during this stage. Second, two high speed streams impact each other to generate ultrasound and shear the water into less than 10 microns droplets by the energy of high frequency ultrasound.

Q1: Are you a manufacturer ?
A: Yes. We are an IS09001:2015 Certified factory with 10 yrs in nozzle manufacturing and design.
( 1 hour’s flight from Hongkong, 30 minute’s bus ride from Shenzhen / Guangzhou Airport )
Q2: How long is your delivery time, Packing & Shipping?
A: Delivery time:
(1).3 workdays for nozzles in stock.
(2).7-10 workdays for existing model but out of stock.
(3).15-25 workdays for casting models.
(4). Production Capacity: 10000pcs per day.
Packing & Shipping:
Packed in firm plastic box then inner box, master carton. Pallets or OEM packing available.
Shipped by FEDEX,DHL,TNT,UPS , Sea and Air transportation. 3-5 days delivered to the worldwide.
Q3: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, Free samples are available with bill shipping charges to receiver.

Q4: What is your payment terms?
A: T/T 100% in advance, or 30% deposit plus 70% balance before shipment.
Q5:Do you support customized nozzles?
A:Yes. We do.
We support customization and produce nozzles according to customers’ requirements.
Q6: Will my drawings be divulged to the third party if you put it into production?
A:No, It won’t .
we pay great attention to protecting our customers’ privacy of drawings. Signing NDA is also accepted if required.
Our advantage:
High quality products at competitive price
Fast delivery and customer-oriented service
Excellent ability to design or custom-tailor
Vast experience to guide the applications
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