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Disinfection Equipments
Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Thermometer

This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can realize touchless hand disinfecting and sanitizer process, also provide temperature sensor which can check our temperature timely.

Main features:
• The sensor allows for automatic dispensing to facilitate an easy and smooth operations.
• An alarm will sound when the measured body temperature exceeds a predetermined ...

Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer

Backpack electrostatic smart sprayer proprietary mobile application and gives you the ultimate control of fluid dispersal.this workhorse covers 25,000 square feet per tank.highly anti-corrosive composites for increased lifespan and reliability.electrostatic technology, a longer-lasting battery.

Fluid Use
Tank volume: 2.25 gallons
Dispersal rate: Variable
40 micron – 3.4 oz. per minute...

Electrostatic Hand-Held Smartsprayer

4-in-1 Polycarbonate Tool Free Nozzle
Variable fluid flow rate reducing costly overspray
Longer Battery Life Faster Recharge
High-performance lithium-ion battery to get the jobs done quicker
Ergonomic Design
Unmatched comfort and usability over long periods of deployment
Self Cleaning
Rapid fluid return click cleaning function equals longer product life

Intelligent Mobile Disinfection Robot

The disinfection robot adopts a dry mist disinfection method. The dry mist will not settle or condense and drip.

1. Smart disinfection
2. Autonomous navigation
3. Fixed-point cruise
4. Automatic recharge
5. Timed task

Hospitals, offices, laboratories, schools, business halls, hotels, hotels, stations, airports and other public places.

Defender Electric Sprayer

A mini USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered mini defense electric sprayer uses up to 30 tanks. In addition the handle also has a led battery indicator it is easy to avoid interference with the task of the opponent's head.

Weight (empty):  0.6 lb
Weight (full):  2.8 lb
Tank volume:   32 fl. oz.
Dispersal rate: 8-11 oz./min.
Coverage:  620 sq. ft.

Side slip sprayer

Side-slip sprayer is a perfect regular carrying companion, using high-tech atomization and high-speed oscillation process hydrogen molecules dissolve into nanoparticles and quickly penetrate the skin.
1-click function for more control & less mess
Micro-Usb Recharge
Conveniently recharge wherever you are
Easily Portable
Small enough to fit in your pocket or...

Dry Fog Sprayer Gun For a Two Phase Atomizing

Use the device during non-business hours of a facility or break time when people are not present.
• In an office
• In a lobby
• In a theater
• In a common area
• In a cafe
Industries in which this product is used
• Healthcare
• Food processing
• Pharmaceutical
• Schools...