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Air Atomizing Ultrasonic Nozzles for Disinfection

Disinfection and decontamination for room environment require less consumption of disinfectant to achieve maximum infection protection and control. The dry fog atomizer is a kind of air assistant atomizing nozzle to produce super tiny droplet less than 10 microns, which can make the fog fill the room quickly without end corners, making it a prospective technology in disinfection.   


The Principle of Ultrasonic

The mechanical ultrasonic nozzle has a carefully designed resonator to produce high frequency wave. Compressed air passes through the nozzle's inner bore through a convergent/divergent section at high velocities and expands into a resonator cavity where it is reflected back to complement and amplify the primary shock wave. The result is an intensified field of sonic energy focused between the nozzle body and the resonator cap. Any liquid capable of being pumped into the shock wave is vigorously sheared into fine droplets by the acoustic field. Air bypassing the resonator carries the atomized droplets downstream in a soft plume shaped spray.   

Design Feature

Compressed air assisted atomization to produce ultra tiny droplet fog.
Adjust the pressures of water and air can get dry fogging with particles 10 to 30 microns or wet fogging with 30-50 microns.  
Super tiny droplets have very good dispersion ability while medium to large droplets carry more disinfectant for heavy sterilization.
Multi-nozzles atomizer or single head nozzle are available for different use.
All 316SS stainless steel material for good corrosion resistance and long life.
     Air Atomizing Nozzles for Disinfection


Performance Data-Single head

Air Atomizing Nozzles for Disinfection

Typical Application in Disinfection and Sterilization

Based on this kind of ultrasonic nozzles, some disinfection device for residential and commercial applications are developed. Please refer to Application of Dry Fog Atomizers in Commercial and Industrial Fields for more information.