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Applications of Dry Fog Atomizers for Sanitation and Decontamination

Disinfection sprayer

Droplets of mist with mean diameter less than 10 microns is the so-called dry fog, which can make the gas like plume suspending in the air and has a good dispersion ability. Based on the dry fog atomizer, which utilize the compressed air to produce the super tiny fog. Some dry fog disinfection technologies were developed and widely applied in industrial fields, such as cleaning rooms in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical Facilities, etc. Recently the dry fog technology has also been adopted in sanitation and decontamination for commercial applications because of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Principle of Dry Fog Atomizer Technology

The dry fog atomizer is so-called ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle, which utilize the compressed air to mix with liquid and then form air-water stream with high velocity to spray out from the specially designed mechanical ultrasonic generator. During this process , small droplets in the stream are sheared into super tiny fog by the energy which is produced by high frequency ultrasonic wave.
Currently, there are two types of dry fog atomizer in the prevailing market. One is the impact stream type ultrasonic atomizer and another is resonator type ultrasonic atomizer.

Impact Stream Type Ultrasonic Atomizer

The structure was originally designed by Ikeuchi and the atomizers are widely used for humidification applications due to the highly-uniform droplet fog with mean diameter less than 10 microns which can be able to get a good humidify without wetting targets.
Based on this atomizer, some disinfection device for residential and commercial applications are developed. Please refer to Common Technologies Used in Disinfecting Sprayer for more information.

Resonator Type Ultrasonic Atomizer

The mechanical ultrasonic nozzle with a preciously designed resonator can be able to produce high frequency wave. Compressed air passes through the nozzle's inner bore through a convergent/divergent section at high velocities and expands into a resonator chamber where it is reflected back to complement and amplify the primary shock wave.
Based on this atomizer, some disinfection device for residential and commercial applications are developed. Please refer to Common Technologies Used in Disinfecting Sprayer for more information.

Application of Dry Fog Atomizers for Disinfection in Industrial Fields

Some industries have a strict cleanliness level requirements, therefore It is a daily procedure to do disinfection & decontamination work , especially in industries of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical Facilities, food and drink mill, hospital, etc. Current methods of room disinfection include surface wiping, manual spraying (with spray bottles), heating process (vaporization), cold process (wet fogging) and so on, but Disinfection is NOT a Cleaning Process!
Current Problems of Disinfection in Cleaning Rooms include
➱Efficiency (more or less broad spectrum biocide)
➱Adaptation of the Micro-Organisms
➱Toxicity of the Chemicals Used
➱Long Contact Time
➱Very Long Time for Venting
➱Neutralization Needed
➱Variability of Chemical Application
The dry fog systems are very suitable for the room disinfection due to the gas like plume and good dispersion ability, which can make the fog reach corners of the room without untouched area .
It is a key component for disinfection systems to apply the precious two types of dry fog atomizers.
Based on the Impact Stream Type Ultrasonic Atomizer, Minncare developed a series of dry fog disinfection systems for cleaning rooms and critcal area Bio-decontaminaton. The combination of highly effective Minncare® Cold Sterilant chemicals and state of the art Dry Fog 2 delivery system enable users to deliver minncare vapor in quick and safety manner even the most complex areas. The sanitary and autoclavable design will permit it in good operation in the majority of critcal areas within pharmaceutcal and other industries . The location and action of the dry fogging head at the highest point of the equipment allows for rapid vapor dispersion and ensures that the most distant areas are reached effectively.
Based on the Resonator Type Ultrasonic Atomizer, Mistec are developing similar device which have integrated air-actuated shut-off valve. The ultrasonic atomizer has relatively large flow rates and can total flooding the room by super tiny fog in a very short time. The high disinfeting efficiency is avaialbe .
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