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Fogger nozzle factory manufacture the fog mist spray nozzle for the multi fogger machine

As a fogger nozzle factory, we manufacturer and sale the fog misting nozzle for multi fogger in the marketing for the disinfection and sterilization.

Because there are many different types of fogger machine for disinfection on the market, the fogger nozzle factories choose the best-selling nozzle tips and provide customized misting nozzles when manufacturing disinfection fogger nozzles.In actually, the spray nozzle factory will consider about the spray pattern,flow rate, orifice, droplet sizes, spray angle, pressure etc of the parameter for the fogger nozzles.

Our fogger nozzle types:

Atomizing nozzle for fogger/ misting fogger nozzle/ disinfection ulv fogger nozzle etc.Effective Range:8-10m,  Particle size:35-60um(other sizes can be customized)
 Fogger nozzle factory
We need to know some nozzle information before produce the fogger nozzle for disinfection

Types of disinfection fogger machine

There are several different types of sanitation fogger on the market, depending on the fogging method used and the industry and location of the property.

Foggers typically fall into one of several types:

1. Wet foggers (including misters and electrostatic sprayers)
2. Ultra low volume foggers
3. Dry foggers
Properties droplet sizes of Types of Fogger
Type of Fogger Wet/Dry Particle Size
Mister Wet 25-100 microns
Wet fogger Wet 25-100 microns
Electrostatic sprayer Wet 25-100 microns
ULV fogger Wet 8-15 microns
Dry/thermal fogger Dry 0.5-2 microns

Design features of the nozzle by fogger nozzle factory:

● High energy efficiency
● Small pressure/flow ratio
● No internal design, strong blocking ability
● Strong atomization ability

What materials does fogger nozzle factory choose?

Common materials: 304SS, 316SS, 316L
Common materials: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316

Spray performance:

● The finest atomization of all direct pressure nozzles
● Provided atomizing droplet size is less than 50 micron
● Conical atomization

The spray droplet of the nozzle should also take into account some fogger with static energy.In indoor disinfection and sterilization, the effect of electrostatic fogger is generally better than other atomizers, because disinfection liquid atomization can cover a larger area.Therefore, atomizing nozzle factories generally take into account the connection mode of the nozzle in the manufacture of the nozzle.