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Application of fine dry mist nozzle in disinfection spray gun

There have been repeated outbreaks recently. The smell of alcohol and disinfectant in the home and office is too strong.
 disinfection nozzle
People pick up takeout, they pick up a delivery and they scrub it, they spray it.
However, ordinary alcohol spray bottle efficiency is low, slow speed, large particles easily damage clothes, the most important is to keep pressing, too troublesome.
A large amount of spray, water mist and exquisite, the range of household sterilization sterilization spray can - nano disinfection spray gun.
Very fine dry spray nozzles make disinfecting spray guns more effective than other disinfectors.

Fine dry mist nozzle features

Atomization fine, spray distance is long
This sterilizing spray can uses pressure difference to suck liquid into the nozzle, and then uses high-pressure gas to mist the liquid into water, so as to achieve nano atomization and long range effect.
After the treatment of the spray can be directly sprayed on the human body or object surface, there is no wet feeling.
The atomized water can be shot out directly for nearly 2 meters, and can be used to sterilize bacteria from a distance.
After pressing the disinfection spray gun switch, the blue light bacteriostatic lamp will start and disinfect. The disinfection liquid is also started at the same time by the extremely fine atomizing nozzle into mist, which can quickly eliminate microorganisms and mites, and effectively inhibit the attachment and breeding of bacteria.