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Application of misting disinfection nozzle in breeding farm

Misting disinfection nozzle can be used in the farm, the effect is to disinfect the farm environment, cooling and so on. misting nozzle has the characteristics of very fine misting particles, corrosion resistance, non-blocking, easy to clean and so on. General misting disinfection nozzle with disinfection equipment or disinfection system, such as intelligent disinfection channel.
Farm disinfection refers to physical or chemical methods to kill pathogenic microorganisms or inactivate them to prevent and eliminate livestock infectious diseases. Commonly used disinfection methods include physical, chemical and biological disinfection. Physical disinfection refers to sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, high temperature treatment, drying, etc. Chemical disinfection means disinfection with disinfectants; Biological disinfection refers to biological fermentation treatment.
Disinfection channel is used in the livestock merchant room, using fog fumigation sterilization, no dead corner, in the hot season, can provide suitable temperature and humidity for livestock merchants, improve the survival rate, improve the growth condition.

Product advantages:

1, temperature control: farm disinfection can realize automatic sensing temperature change, automatic control of the host work, so as to maintain the indoor temperature is not higher than the set temperature; The aim is to reduce the quality and appetite of livestock and poultry when the living environment temperature is too high.
2, host design humanization: considering the complexity of daily work, machine design humanization, the user a look at the host will know how to operate, convenient user operation, maintenance.
3. Lean design: 6-way water divider: the water divider developed and designed by the company can take 6 PE pipe spray at the same time, the host does not need to repeatedly connect the water pipe and switch.
4, high pressure, high water: the company adopts 30KW ultra-high pressure water pump to provide the pressure source, the pressure range is between 7-15mpa, the maximum water yield per minute can reach 20L, can drive more than 300 misting nozzle to work at the same time.
5, special copper nozzle: nozzle diameter is 0.1mm to 0.15mm nine specifications, professional, refined, anti-blockage, anti-corrosion, anti-drip, spray radiation distance 1.8m-3 meters.
6, air disinfection: 60 degrees * disinfection, can effectively control the spread of respiratory bacteria.
7, air purification: dust removal, deodorization: water particles in the process of atomization, can make the air in the livestock and poultry house fresh, provide a better feeding environment. If you add deodorant liquid spray, can neutralize the air such as ammonia gas pungent smell.

Safety education for disinfection workers in farms

Disinfectants in the process of disinfection are more or less irritant, corrosive, caustic soda or even strong corrosive, slight improper operation is easy to cause accidents. Therefore, breeding enterprises should carry out necessary safety protection education for disinfection operators.
The technician should dilute the disinfectant correctly according to the instructions. Operators are warned not to come into contact with disinfectant stock because it is more dangerous.
The technician should choose disinfectant reasonably according to the object of disinfection. Caustic soda with strong corrosive and irritating disinfectants shall not be used to disinfect pigs.
The doors and Windows should be closed first when fumigation and disinfection, and the evacuation route should be good. After drug reaction, evacuate along the safe route quickly. The shed being fumigated should be clearly marked to avoid inadvertent entry. The fumigated shed should be opened first, and the Windows should be opened to allow residual drugs to disperse before entering.
In the disinfection room with ultraviolet disinfection of personnel, to warn not a long time to watch ultraviolet lamp, and avoid ultraviolet radiation of the skin. Because high intensity ultraviolet radiation can make part of the people cause poisoning, causing red eyes, shame bright tears, skin burning pain and other symptoms. Frequent long - term, high - intensity uv exposure may even cause skin cancer.
Check and repair disinfection equipment frequently. Some high-pressure cleaning machines are prone to splashy accidents caused by sudden shedding of the joint and rupture of the hose, so the joint should be securely connected in time and the old hose should be replaced.
When spray disinfection, wear necessary protective equipment, such as leather gloves, mask, dust goggles, etc. The operator should backwind forward and downwind spray.
When cleaning and disinfection, it is strictly forbidden to operate with electricity on. The power cord, plug and socket of the disinfection machine should be waterproof.
After each disinfection, the operator should wash the disinfectant on the hands and face with soap, and the applicator should take a bath and change clothes. If the disinfectant accidentally spills into the eyes or skin, rinse with plenty of water until the symptoms disappear. In serious cases, seek medical advice immediately.

General disinfection nozzle :

Fogging nozzle
Misting nozzle
Atomizing nozzle
Air atomizing nozzle