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How to improve the atomizing effect of disinfection atomizing nozzle

How to improve the disinfection atomizing effect of disinfection atomizing nozzle by atomizing way

The use value of disinfection nozzle is determined by the atomization effect, and there are many factors affecting the atomization effect of disinfection solution. From the analysis of atomization way, users can improve the atomization effect of disinfection atomization nozzle by the following four points.

1. Increase the relative velocity difference between the gas-liquid two phases of the disinfection atomizing nozzle to increase the aerodynamic force, so that the disinfection droplets can be broken more finely under the action of larger aerodynamic force.

2, improve the exit speed of the liquid nozzle to enhance the collision, so that the relative spray of disinfection droplets can be further broken in the collision. It is found in the experiment that if the outlet velocity of droplets is small, they will coalesse into large droplets, and the disinfectant spray will cause humidity in the house. If the outlet velocity of droplets is large, the atomization degree of disinfectant can be improved. However, this will reduce the relative degree of gas and liquid, and make the aerodynamic atomization droplets worse. Therefore, how to adjust the outlet speed of water, users need to gradually master in long-term practice.

3. The experimental results show that the geometry and size of nozzle and mixing tube have great influence on atomization performance. Therefore, in the design of the model, not only their influence on the atomization of disinfectant solution should be considered separately, but also the change of the overall performance after they are combined together.

4. Study the relationship between the flow and pressure of the spray disinfectant system and the geometrical size and structural shape of the spray nozzle to improve the atomization effect of the disinfectant.

In addition, attention should also be paid to the adjustment of disinfection hydraulic pressure, do not immediately adjust the machine pressure to the maximum value, in order to avoid the machine because of the initial start and can not reach the ideal pressure value and make the machine fever, reduce the service life of the main machine of the atomization disinfectant system - high pressure cleaning machine. Therefore, when improving the atomization effect by adjusting the disinfection hydraulic pressure, it is suggested to slowly improve the pressure value. In fact, the pressure atomization effect of high quality high pressure cleaning machine of low grade is very good.

Therefore, if you want to improve the atomization effect of disinfectant atomization nozzle, the key is to buy a good quality disinfectant machine!